Otto is one of our young talents who started at Junio speedway with the VRT Junior Academy  VEKARA VARKAUS experiment day in 2016. 

The 2019 racing season with Otto ride in #gsh457 team and achieve  European 125cc Championship 5th, 125cc Estonian Championship 1st, 125cc Latvian Championship 2nd, 125cc Baltic Championship 2nd, 125cc VRT Junior Cup 1st and Minispeedway 85cc Finnish Cup 1st places.

Otto's goals are set for the future and success in international competitions. We have built a multi-year dedicated development program for Otto that includes a development program through 125cc, 250cc classes to 500cc classes.

In the 2019 season, Otto's main goal was the FIM Europe 125cc Final where he reached fifth place which was better than we had thought.  Otto will continue competing with #gsh457 Team 125cc bikes and equipments. In the season 2020 we want to improve our result in the 125cc Final in Plezen, Czech Republic.

In the 2020 season, we will be running the 125cc Series of the Baltic Speedway League, which will be also broadcasted live via WEB-Stream and will be also available on YouTube after the events.

Otto has already embarked on purposeful fitness and strength training and is working with admirable motivation to succeed. Otto's goal is to improve his 2019 FIM Europe 125cc result and be on the podium. The goal is tough, but possible, and competition will show how we have been able to develop our training and equipment compared to other Europe's top riders. Otto's goal is to be in the  podium in every 125cc Baltic Cup Series  race, and to reach the 250cc category in the future.


    Support Club:
  • Lea Häyrinen, #gsh457 photo

Otto's support Club please feel free to contact us. All support is needed.