During the 2019 season, Jesse has also invested hard for Speedway career. We have acquired him new competitive bikes and engines.  The main goal is to consolidate the team place for the LOKOMOTIVE Daugavpils team, which will run the Polish NICE 1 League.

Jesse is named to represent Finland to the Finnish national team at the following events: 

  • 1.5 SEC QUALIFYING, Krsko, SLO
  • 8.6 GP QUALIFYING, Lamothe Landerron FRA


Jesse redeemed Wild Card slot in the 2019 GP Series based on good early 2018 performances, despite being injured. Jesse's fitness and strength training program in the winter season has also been taken to a whole new level. The goal is being on to the rostrum in the end of the GP season.

  • 2019 GP Calendar
  • 30.5 FINAL 1, Herxheim, GER
  • 15.6 FINAL 2, La Réole, FRA
  • 29.6 QUALIFYING ROUND, Marianske Lazne, CZE
  • 07.7 FINAL 3, Mühldorf, GER
  • 25.8 CHALLENGE, Scheeßel, GER
  • 07.9 FINAL 4, Morizes, FRA
  • 22.9 FINAL 5, Roden, NED


Support Club:

  • Lea Häyrinen, #gsh457 photo

If you want to be Jesse's support Club please feel free to contact us. All support is needed.