KTM Adventure Rally Finland


Roadbook also available in digital format 



Route: Oulu - Raajärvi - Ranua - Oulu 19 - 21.7.2019

KTM Adventure Rally, which has already become THE EVENT will arrive for the first time in Northern Finland

"Feel the Adventure Fellowship in 3 Days and Over 850 Kilometers of Lapland terrain"

Come on, alone or with a group and enjoy the first KTM Adventure Rally event in Northern Finland.

Choose your series and come along:

  • Roadbook
  • Roadbook Team
  • GPS alone or team

The first motorcycle starts from Oulu on Friday at 08:00

Entry fee 595€ include:

  • Accommodation for two nights with dinner and breakfast
  • Coffee & sausage service at various points during the event
  • Sauna at Raajarvi and Ranua Lapland Adventure Center opening
  • Rucksack transport between accommodations
  • Roadbooks (RB) and routes, GPS routes install service when necessary
  • Guides and navigation support
  • Event T- shirt.

Post-enrollment registration is accepted within the limits permitted by the accommodation, at an additional cost.

FIM Enduro Legend Kari Tianen will start test ride routes as soon as the snow and ice are disappearing from the route. He will be also our tour guide during the event.

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  1. Friday 19.7 #1 Tarvikekeskus Oulu > Tarvikekeskus Ranua 190 km
  2. Friday 19.7 #2 Tarvikekeskus Ranua > Mainari Raajärvi 172 km
  3. Saturday 20.7 #3 Mainari Raajärvi > ABC Kemijärvi 69 km
  4. Saturday 20.7 #4 ABC Kemijärvi > Tarvikekeskus Ranua 223 km
  5. Sunday 21.7 #5 Tarvikekeskus Ranua > Tarvikekeskus Oulu 212 km
  6. TOTAL 866 km