What we've done over the years, here's a small compilation (by Sakke) of the events we've created!


KTM ADVENTURE RALLY returns to Finland's motor sports map. The rally's departure will take place on Friday, July 19, 2019 from Oulu. Route: Oulu - Raajärvi - Ranua - Oulu 19 - 21.7.2019

The event is for all adventure bikes and adventure enthusiast, for men / women, no matter what brand of bike you ride or what skill level you represent !! Accommodations in Raajärvi in well-known mining village of Mainari and Ranua in hotel Ilveslinna.


Varkaus Motor Sports Center

Event program for baby to grandfather. The minispeedway track is frozen for skating, where Warkis ice hockey team and WP-35 bandy players teach skating. Suomen Latu Ski school for children and adults. Take your sliders and sledges with as there is also a sledge area. There is also a 101min skiing event. Commodity prizes will be awarded to skiers and the 101€ donated by Varkaus City will be the main prize. Equipment presentation, Varkaus Racing Team bikes and riders, winter cycling, skis, ski wax, etc. The event is organized by the City of Varkaus, Varkaus Racing Team, Varkauden Latu and Leppävirran Viri. Traffic management responsibility Autoliitto Varkaus Department. Opening speech at 10.00 by Hannu Tsupari, Mayor of Varkaus.

VRT Anchor terrace café services open during the event.




Overall competition arrangements, from organizing the competition for claiming rights from the International Federation, until the final cleaning. I act as both a promoter and the Clerk of the Course in the competition and its financial responsibility. Ten European countries were represented in the competition. The wellbeing of participants, mechanics, team managers, etc, in competition was one of the key areas to take care as for economic feasibility and marketing for the city of Varkaus.

Good cooperation with economic entrepreneurs in the Varkaus economic area is one of the basic things that will help us to carry out similar events in the future.

Many thanks also to the volunteers of Varkaus Racing Team without your contribution we couldn't succeed!


2017-2018 Varkaus Speedway Stadium development project, where Varkaus Racing Team ry built 103m2 of conference, cafe and social facilities in the Varkaus City Motor Sports Center. 

The project was looking for a cost-effective solution that would enable meeting the requirements for international competitions in the track area. The project was funded by LAG Mansikka in cooperation with the Development Association Mansikka and its  omaSP Joroinen.

The project wanted to make the buildings and the area more comprehensive and year-round for various sports and leisure activities that could increase the utilization rate of the area.


For several years, I had been discussing with various international players about the establishment of the Speedway Junior League. The idea behind was to create a system to help young riders get an international competitive experience that would enhance their sports career. The purpose of the system is to provide drivers with a fairway that would give them better opportunities to compete, both in their own national teams and in their breeder clubs.

Seven (7) teams from five (5) different Baltic countries entered Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

  • FIN, Varkaus Racing Team 1 & 2
  • EE, J&U Speedway Team
  • LAT, Auskelis Riga, Jauniba Daugavpils
  • RUS, NEVA Speedway, St Petersburg
  • UA, MIR, Roivine

In the series, five (5) races were run on the speedway pair racing table and the championship was won by Jauniba Daugavpils, VRT 2 was second and VRT1 third. Antti Vuolas FIN, Danil Kolodinsky LAT, and Ernest Matjusonoks LAT were the third on the podium of the League's individual championship. In the 2018 season, twenty (20) riders rode in the series.

For the 2019 season, the 250cc class will also be included


In 2017, I started a groundwork to get the Minispeedway series together with the Estonian Tabsalu Club. During the winter and spring, I got an agreement on how I can organize a competition in Estonia with the Finnish Motor Association's SML competition license. I also agreed with the Estonian Motor Union EMF to cooperate and organize a series together with the Estonian 360 Motorsport Club. This resulted in the VRT & 360 Junior Cup, where six races were held (6) with 21 drivers.


The Ice Speedway NC competitions were held at Varkaus Speedway Stadium. The competitions received great praise eg. Swedish GP riders who praised the arrangements where better than some GP competitions. Martin Haarahiltunen won the Nordic Championship.



In 2017, I focused on developing the safety and environmental functions of Varkaus Racing Team. Projects focused on creating environmentally sustainable practices for the development of the stadium area, in accordance with the law and sustainable development, to meet national and international requirements.

The Safety Document was a subproject where I prepared a safety documents in accordance with the Consumer Safety Act. The documentary is a comprehensive report on security issues in the area managed by VRT, which was about 40 pages.

The noise survey for the new environmental permit for the Varkaus City Motor Sports Center was one area. The City of Varkaus commissioned a noise simulation from DESTIA Infra Oy. In the project, on behalf of the City of Varkaus, I coordinated the project so that it would meet the requirements for the long term. I got all the noise surveys, sound spectra and measurements made in Finland for the project, and we got a very representative simulation for noise reduction. In the summer of 2018, the audit service project measurements proved the correctness of the simulation.

The Snowmobile Track Project is a long-term project (10y) that utilizes compost waste. The project is being carried out in close cooperation with the Keski-Savon Water Company owned by the City of Varkaus. The project utilizes the generated compost waste for the structures and landscaping of the snowmobile track to be built at the motor sports center. The concrete structures of the Varkaus Vocational School and the Center Hospital will also be placed in the structures of the track. We will continue with the KiSS Varkaus Sustainable Development Program and we are a pioneer in Finnish motor sports construction.

A nationally significant sports facility was one of the 2017 projects, which became concrete in 2018, when the North Savo Regional Government marked the area of the Varkaus Motor Sports Center as a country-wide sports center in Finland.


In 2017, we signed an agreement with Imatra Motorbike Club IMK to secure the track safety of the Imatran Ajot IRCC event with No Pain Barriers A + safety fences. Cooperation continues.



The project that the VRT SAFETY Air Fence project aimed at enables international Speedway competitions in Finland!

I was overall responsible for organizing the competition from the rights of the International Federation, until the final cleaning.

I act as both a competition promoter and an assistant Clerk of the Course and secretary of the Jury,. I was responsible for all aspects of the competition and its economy. The wellbeing of participants, mechanics, team managers, etc, in competition was one of the key areas to take care as for economic feasibility and marketing for the city of Varkaus.

KiSS Varkaus Sustainable track construction concept

Varkaus Speedway Stadium is the only track and motor sports area in the world built from waste and recycled materials. The track area is located on the landfill site of the former city of Varkaus, in a wasteland, where no settlements can be planned. The track area has been insulated, filled and landscaped with the waste water solids and soil waste from Keski-Savon Vesi Oy, owned by City. of Varkaus. The track noise prevention structure is designed to absorb noise effectively. The drainage of the track area has been carried out by the excavation stones of the district heating pipelines of the Local Power Company. The roads and parking areas in the track area are covered with gravel material released from the Varkaus City streets, and asphalt crushed. The track area has a comprehensive recycling system.

Varkaus Racing Team was awarded the 2016 FIM KiSS Award with the first prize together with the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the Autodromo Internazionale di Mugello.


Ice Speedway Finnish Championship Final was the race we test our Club staff for the oncoming events.


VRT SAFETY Air Fence Project

For some time we had been discussing the acquisition of Air Fence (APD) in Finland. Safety fence is the FIM requirement in international Speedway competitions, and also a national requirement in most different states. Acquisition of APD safety devices makes it possible to organize international competitions in Finland, which is a basic prerequisite if we want to develop and gain visibility for the speedway in Finland. I had already decided to commit myself through the Junior Academy to develop and help raise awareness and increase the number of enthusiasts, and this project was a major step in raising and supporting the popularity of Finnish speedway and track sports. The financing of the project was something that had to be solved. I made a determined plan to get a financing project that enabled implementation. In the fall of 2015, we announced a announcement on the acquisition of air ducts and we have applied for the FIME U21 Speedway semifinal competition in Varkaus. The project was funded by in cooperation with LAG Mansikka and our bank omaSP Joroinen. The No Pain Barriers A + safety fences were the world's first new FIM-compliant safety devices. The shipment arrived in Finland on February 3, 2016 for the MP 2016 exhibition, and we were receiving a delivery with SML CEO Kurt Ljungqvist. The safety fences immediately came to work and secured the safety of MP 2016 in Europe's largest indoor test track. Cooperation with MP fairs continues. 


In 2015, together with Aake Mustonen, I started the determined development of Speedway and track racing in Finland. Junior Speedway Academy was the first step in the project, and I bought three (3) Minispeedway bikes for the project. The enthusiasm for the issue has risen and more bikes need it, now there are seven (7). Also coach Minna Karvonen started to take care of junior physics coaching. Minna was given coach training plans and I got OKM state funding for the project. We also took part in the VEKARA VARKAUS event and during the three days we had 248 kids riding and over 450 rides. SML head coach Tomi Konttinen also visited the event. The Vekara Varkaus event also brought new kids in to Junior Academy, and we were also involved in the 2017 Vekara Varkaus event. The VRT & 360 Junior Cup is a continuing for this activity.


Rally Raid Team FiNLAND Hellas Rally 2015 Project. I planned and take care of the overall arrangement of the project: planning, logistics and transportation, catering, maintenance, accommodation information, etc.



Rally Raid Team FiNLAND Serres Rally 2014 Project. I planned and take care the overall arrangement of the project: design, logistics and transportation, catering, maintenance, lodging information, etc. I also work as a truck driver


.Rally Raid Team FiNLAND Albania Rally 2014 Project. I planned and take care of the overall arrangement of the project: planning, logistics and transportation, catering, maintenance, accommodation information, etc.



Rally Raid Team FiNLAND's first desert rally was in the Sahara of Tunisia. I was responsible for overall project management. plans, logistics, catering, maintenance, etc. We were an international team of ten (10) motorcycles, FIN 5, EST 3, CH 1, D 1, two cars (2) FIN, one ATV (FIN) and 18 service people. (FIN, EST, D, NL). Equipments transportation FIN - TUNIS - FIN ware handled with two big trucks. Passenger transport in Tunisia was handled by two passenger cars and a small bus.



I had long been a great desert rally fan and in 2011 I bought genuine KTM 660 RR bike.

I planned to organize a navigation rally in Finland and I had already made the route books for the DUSTY BUTT 1000K event, which were guided through the route.

Purposeful planning and event idea that made the presentation. With this presentation, I started looking for potential partners and agreeing on appointments. Hard and determined work was supported and KTM Nordic Oy became the main partner, with whom we agreed on the lines how to go.

Then began the real work to organize the routes and the rally. I drove during the spring and early summer 2012 about 12 00km route inquiry test. I made > 100 meters route books, schedule the route to the time card, arrange accommodations and meals, etc . KTM Adventure Rally was held in 2012 - 2015. Rally was attended by 50-80 drivers each year. Cooperation with KTM Nordic continues and we hope to organized again in 2019.


Dusty Butt SS1000 event planning, route testing and verification process went on for three years, but I made it possible in Finland!

Only 32 people in the world had completed this drive before. The runs were made in South Africa, Australia and the USA, where there is enough unpaved roads. Based on my research, we drove a 1000km test run in 2011 and I was convinced that this was possible. Eight (8) participants completed the run satisfactorily. #gsh457 #dustybutt #iba


In 2012, I founded the RALLY RAID TEAM FINLAND team. The first desert rally would be TUAREG RALLY 2013 in the Sahara of Tunisia.


I picked up a bit of difficulty again and the whole route was planned north of the Arctic Circle. The weather forecast promised a temperature below -18 ° C, but it didn't happen all the way.

Route: Levi - Kilpisjärvi - Kolari - Inari - Utsjoki - Ivalo - Sodankylä - Napapiiri - Sodankylä - Levi



When you feel like doing something new and looking for new paths, the Kola Peninsula is a great opportunity. This adventure had already been carried out on paper many times, but the realistic implementation had not yet been done. The inspiration for implementing the journey was given by my German and Dutch friends who wanted to get involved. As with all things, traveling to that area has its own challenges that need to be taken into account. Climatic conditions and the local road network set their own challenges, and there may be many other bends on the way.


I had done four (4) years of research and mapping to find out if it was possible to drive 1000 miles of gravel in Finland in 24 hours? This was a test run, would the schedule be according to rules in Finland. Since riding is based on a steady speed and no over speeding is allowed, route planning was a crucial part of riding success. After the run over speeding were checked from the GPS log. The event was attended by 16 drivers from Finland and Sweden.

POLAR BUTT 2011 I decided to make the event a little more difficult and I chose route Nordkapp - Lahti - Joroinen 1614km / 24h. Four riders left for the journey and three of them drove to the finish line. The trip was so far the coldest I've ever driven. The temperature at Saariselkä when it had fallen to -32° C. This temperature, when combined with a 100km/h wind coefficient, has an effective temperature of about -60° C. When it arrived in Oulu, the temperature had risen by -24° C, which feels almost like summer.


FIN2PAMIR Journey to the eastern countries I had been planning for years. This 24,000 km trip made with good friends made one part of my Adventure dreams, but they are still some left. Nowadays, I mainly carry out planing the routes of others that they can carry out their dream journey. I have created lot of travel plans and routes because I know how to do it in reality. Good planning is part of the journey that keeps you on the right track.Life for ride, and Ride for live is a motto that goes far!

ICE BUTT 2010 World's first uninterrupted 1,000-mile drive during 24-hour on thermal winter time.

We started the 1627 km continuous ride from MP2010 fair in Lahti Fair hall on route, Lahti - Kuusamo - Kemijärvi - Rovaniemi (Arctic Circle) - Jyväskylä - Heinola - Lahti.

Our trip was followed by ONLINE 24h and we ended up being interviewed by Mato Valtonen founder of the Leningrad Cowboys as the main speaker of the MP2010 fair.

by: Sakke Häyrinen, Johan Grönholm, Mika Ålander, Raimo.

1976 - 1986

I drove Speedway as a hobby when I worked and studied alongside it. Varkaus Motorcycle Athletes' VarkMPU Puuma and Lahti Motorcycle Haukka in the teams.

Already at that time I organized training camps like in 1982 in the Danish Amager and Slangerup tracks.