What we can do for you

Who we are and what we can offer to you

We are a professional partner for sporting events, athletes, authorities and clubs.

We offer;

  • Event Planning, Event Planning, Management and Promotion,
  • Event Security, Security Documents, Rescue Plans
  • Environmental safety, environmental plans, sustainable development plans
  • Noise surveys and simulations
  • Traffic control, traffic marshals, traffic plans
  • Photo, video and drone shooting service
  • International cooperation
  • Athlete manager services
  • Sport Management
  • Hire, sale, construction, design of the racing bikes, cars, trucks and equipments
  • Power measurements, engine adjustments, tunning services
  • Transport, vehicle rent, tents, etc.

Don't hesitate to ask, we can find a solution for you.

How does the handler Sakke look?

Just like others???

Lifelong passion for motorsports. 

Competitor, captain, engineer, accident investigator, salvage master, project manager, promoter, Master in Sport Management, FIM Clerk of the Course, etc. Experience in the field + 30 years.

How does the tuning engineer Appe look like?

Just like others, but focusing on his own work !!!

Lifelong passion for motor sports. 

Commence riding on age of 3 years old, former FIM GP Long Track competitor, engineer, etc. Experience in the fields + 15 years.